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20 Things I've learned in 20 years

A week ago I turned 20. Two decades old. The big two-o! You get it. I spent the whole day baking the famous MilkBar Birthday Cake, and I must say it was quite a taxing yet delicious undertaking. MilkBar actually ended up liking my post on Instagram which made me feel validated in my baking efforts for a split second... A lot of people actually thought that I ordered it from the store itself, but the side of me that demands credit where it's deserved had mixing feelings about that. LOL. Anyway, here is my list.

1. If you want a job done right do it yourself (hence the cake) 2. Love is necessary, a love life isn’t. 3. Animals are the pure fluffy bundles of joy. The more the merrier. 4. Always accept free samples 5. If you wash your hair in the bathtub you will always leave the bath feeling dirtier than you were before you got in 6. If someone wants to be there for you, they will. 7. I somehow can’t seem to agree to disagree. 8. Eat the cake. Always eat the cake. 9. Persistence is better than perfection. 10. 10% of the people in the world just suck. 11. Looks might get you far, but smarts get you further. 12. It might have just been easier to be named “April” to avoid the painful “April May” jokes. 13. Growing up isn’t necessary 14. Living in your imagination is simply more fun. 15. Music is the answer 16. Made from scratch doesn’t mean good. 17. Just say no 18. Just say yes 19. Sometimes you’ve said all you’ve needed to say before everyone expects you to finish talking 20. 21. Always go the extra mile

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