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21 Things in 21 Years

On Saturday, I turned 21. In that time between 20 and 21, I lived on my own for the first time, got hit by a car, and learned a lot of equally useful and unuseful things. Here are some of those things...

  1. It only takes one.

  2. It doesn't matter how many times I hear a person rev their engine in the street, I will always get annoyed.

  3. Why buy a tree with only green leaves when you can have one with multicolor leaves and flowers?

  4. Life is rhythm and rhythm is life.

  5. Politics never leave me feeling happy and cheery.

  6. No matter how good of a person or right you are, bad things will happen, and that's okay.

  7. No matter how bad of a person someone is, good things will happen to them, and that's okay.

  8. Planned loud noises are great.

  9. Unplanned loud noises are usually not great.

  10. Everything can be good if you learn how to make it good; including mushrooms, the most disturbing and unappetizing vegetable ever created. (I like mine sautéed extra crispy with steak.)

  11. Life doesn't amount to the big moments but rather the tiny ones all strung together.

  12. Learning things the hard way is sometimes the only way.

  13. Speaking of, if your cat decides to play in your kitchen sink and rip out the drain, make sure you put it back before running the garbage disposal unless you want last night's dinner on your ceiling.

  14. Clichés only seem that way until they happen to you.

  15. Being alone is as peaceful as it is unsettling.

  16. The best of life's in small spaces.

  17. If you live to tell the story, tell it.

  18. The simple life is the best way of life.

  19. After all this time, music is still my muse.

  20. Getting hit by a car hurts... a lot.

  21. One extra makes all the difference.

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